Delta 8 HHC Pre-Rolls - 150 MG - 10 PACK

SKU: PR-D8HHC-10pk
These pre-rolls are packed with 0.5 grams of Delta 8 and HHC Hemp Flower.
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EH Delta is proud to announce the release of our all-new Delta 8/HHC Pre-rolls! Each pre-roll is made with a fusion of Delta 8 and HHC cannabinoids, weighing approximately 0.5 grams each, and totaling out at 150mg per pre-roll (1,500mg per pack of 10).

At EH Delta we are keeping a close pulse on the evolution of cannabinoids and cannabinoid products. After much research and development we chose to go with a blending of two of our favorite modern cannabinoids and cannabis alternatives: Delta-8 and HHC. The combination of the two provides both an easy smoke with minimal drift, but also a satisfying buzz that won't overload the body or mind.

In the industry, we refer to these pre-rolls as 'dog walkers', the perfect size for one or two people to enjoy on a quick dog walk around the block. A quick walk around the block is typically just enough time to enjoy these half-gram smokes.

Enjoy the taste of natural cannabis derived terpenes as we do not add any additional ingredients or flavorings. All natural, just the way we like it! There is NO tobacco and NO nicotine in these pre-rolls they are made using HEMP FLOWER and HEMP WRAPS.

Our 10-packs come in a nice hard-shell case that will help prevent potential damage to your pre-rolls while you're on the go, but small enough to conceal nicely in a pocket or purse!


Our Delta8/HHC Pre-rolls 1500 mg 10 Pack:


  • Contain 10 Pre-rolls per case
  • Cannabinoid Amounts: Delta8/HHC Blend - 1,500 mg Per Case - 150 mg per Pre-roll
  • Flavor: Natural Cannabis Terpenes
  • Lab Tested to be free of pesticides and residual solvents.
  • Cannabinoids derived from American grown, non-GMO Industrial Hemp.
  • Ingredients: HEMP FLOWER, HEMP WRAPS.
  • Must be over 21+ years of age.
  • Dosage varies by body type.


Dosage: We encourage customers to start low and slow. Consider a few puffs to start and build up to larger dosages accordingly. Dosage and effects vary significantly based on body type and tolerance.


 See our Certificate of Analysis.

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Great for those with anxiety!!
Burned mostly evenly and the high was fantastic. All body with mind clear instead of spacey. Absolutely recommend. People with anxiety would also likely benefit from this exponentially as it is very calming without dragging you down or making you unfocused.
| 9/19/2023 10:10 AM
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