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Our Nirvana Blend is an incredibly soothing combination of Delta 8-THC, Delta 9-THC, and Delta 10-THC - three of the most researched cannabinoids on the market. While this blend closely replicates traditional cannabis edibles but without being too strong or aggressive towards your body, it's only available in our edible products line!

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Nirvana Blend - Mango - 25 MG Gummies - 20 CT

These amazing treats provide an ultimate relaxation experience, with a mix of three powerful cannabinoids - Delta8-THC, Delta9-THC and Delta10-THC. Enjoy a unique chill without the intense high that comes with cannabis edibles. Perfect for weekend parties, these gummies will give you the perfect balance of physical relaxation and creative energy!

• Delta 8-THC

• Delta 9-THC

• Delta 10-THC
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