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THCV for Weight Loss

word weight loss surrounded by ways to lose weightTHCV is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis Sativa. While most are familiar with THC and CBD, THCV has recently emerged as a possible weight-loss cannabinoid.

Like all cannabinoids, THCV works with your body’s Endocannabinoid System or ECS. Every mammal has an ECS, a complex system responsible for regulating virtually every function in your body, even hunger.

Today, you’ll learn all you need to know about THCVand its effects on weight loss. It may be confusing because marijuana and cannabis are often associated with “the munchies,” but stay tuned, and we’ll tell you how this all works.

What Is THCV?

A minor cannabinoid, THCV is most often associated with an African strain of cannabis known as African Sativa. Scientifically, THCV is a derivative of delta-9, also known as THC. Unlike THC, THCV has three carbons on its alkyl side chain, while THC has a five-carbon side chain.

You’ll get a little high with THCV, but not much. It’s considered about half as potent as delta-8 and 75% less potent than delta-9. For this reason, THCV is also known as “diet weed” (no pun intended). 

How Does THCV Work?

As discussed, THCV works with your ECS, just like all other cannabinoids. Once ingested, cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2 send signals to your brain to produce their results. As we’ll see, THCV is interpreted by your ECS with hunger and appetite control properties.

Is THCV Good for Weight Loss?

hemp leavesYes, there seems to be tremendous potential in THCV and its ability to manage obesity and diabetes. Even more importantly, THCV exhibits mild psychedelic effects, making it a perfect candidate for the health and wellness industry. 

In a 2020 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, researchers looked at the effects of THCV over THC in treating obesity. In test rodents, THCV was shown to help reduce weight by the following methods.

  1. Increase Satiety

As a dieter, you know the biggest culprit is craving food. THCV has been shown to increase satiety or to feel full. Limiting food intake and exercise is the most significant way to drop weight. Even if you don’t exercise regularly, decreasing your food intake will help you drop a few pounds.

  1. THCV Decreases Appetite

Just like feeling full, which can lead to unwanted cravings, THCV also helps decrease appetite. In mouse models, THCV was shown to work with CB1 receptors to decrease food intake and reduce body weight.

  1. Regulates Metabolism

As we age, our metabolism slows down. THCV helps regulate your metabolism, making it ideal for weight loss control and the management of obesity.

  1. Glycemic Control

Studies show THCV is ideal for losing weight, partly because it controls glycemic functions. Scientists are excited, in part, because of the implications THCV may positively have on diabetic patients in helping reduce their plasma glucose levels.

  1. THCV Helps You Energize and Focus

woman stepping on scaleBefore hitting the gym, you may have a wave of procrastination hit you. By taking THCV, you may increase your focus. THCV users often report feelings of extra energy, perfect for a pre-workout formula.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With THCV?

That depends on several factors, including age, metabolism, diet, and activity levels. A physically active 25-year-old adult male can eat quite a bit compared to a 45 to 50-year-old with a desk job.

It’s a good idea to add a little exercise if you intend to drop weight. By adding THCV, many of your glycemic and appetite issues should be significantly limited. Once you add in regular activity, aim for 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.

Is THCV Legal?

THCV is technically not illegal, but each state has different laws surrounding its sale and use. Federally speaking, THCV is legal as long as it’s sourced from hemp. In 2018, congress passed the Farm Bill Act, which classifies any hemp-derived product as legal as long as it contains 0.3% or less THC.

Will THCV Fail a Drug Test?

hemp leaf on blue and green paperEven though THCV reacts with your CB1 receptors, meaning it has the opposite effect of THC, you can test positive for THC. Consider stopping THCV five days before the screening if you have an upcoming drug test. 

THCV, like all cannabinoids, is not well regulated by the FDA. While some manufacturers are legit, especially if they offer lab reports, some might mix in impurities that may result in a positive result.

What Are Other Cannabinoids Good for Weight Loss?

The most prominent cannabinoid for weight loss is THCV. Other cannabinoids, however, may also aid in weight reduction. Flavonoids, plant compounds within cannabis Sativa, contain potent antioxidants which may help weight loss and fight inflammation.

CBG may have weight loss properties and also may help control cortisol levels. Limonene, a naturally occurring flavonoid, may also aid weight loss. Because getting a good night’s sleep is essential for weight loss,CBD and CBN make two plentiful weight-loss cannabinoids. Humulene, another flavonoid, may also exhibit weight loss properties.

An easy and convenient option is trying THCV weight loss gummies! There are many THCV weight loss products on the market currently, so luckily you have many options of THCV products to choose from.

Will THCV Make Me High?

Unlikely. THCV, as discussed, is separate from THC, or delta-9. If you’re new to the world of THC, however, you may be more attuned to psychedelic effects than a frequent user. 

THCV, in general, displays very mild euphoria. If you’ve ever experienced a high after smoking weed, you’ll notice a very slight psychedelic comparison with THCV. Most might not feel anything at all. The woman wrapping waist with measuring tapeone exception is taking THCV at very high doses - around 30 mg.

Key Points: THCV for Weight Loss

As you can see, there’s good reason THCV is known as the “diet weed.” Not only does it produce a mild euphoric feeling compared to traditional weed, but it also helps regulate hunger and glycemic response. 

Setting goals is vital if you plan on using THCV for weight loss. For example, clean your fridge before starting your weight loss program and replace junk food with fruits and vegetables.

THCV is not guaranteed to drop weight, especially if you eat despite feeling full. If your stomach is full, don’t eat. Go for a walk or call a friend. In a few minutes, the craving will pass.

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